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Magical Math Tour


Energize your students with laughter, cheers and applause while they review important mathematical concepts with The Magical Math Tour. Reviewing math has never been this fun - kids will laugh and learn while relating math to their everyday lives.

For example, your students will play a special version of "Deal or No Deal" while they uncover the meaning of probability. They will review fractions as a newspaper is torn in half, quarters, eighths...then it magically restores. Each amazing piece of magic they see will remind your students of a concrete math concept long after the curtain closes.

"Brian Curry's imaginative illusions keep the audience engaged, entertained--and laughing. The magic makes math seem really fun. The kids loved him--and the teachers did too!"

- Algonkian Elementary, Sterling, Virginia

Math genuinely excites Brian Curry and his passion is contagious. He struggled with math in elementary school for years until a dedicated teacher helped him break through his own stumbling blocks. Determined to spread the message that math will play a vital role in every student's future, Brian's work has been featured in newspapers, on television, and in school systems across several states.

"The school was still talking about the show for a couple of days after. Brian made me and the PTA look good!"

- Little Run Elementary, Fairfax, Virginia