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Brian Curry brings classic literature magically to life with state-of-the-art multimedia, music, and illusions in Book Club The Magic Assembly. Introducing your students to beloved books with funny, scary and truly amazing magic will get them excited about these stories and eager to read. For Matilda, students will see a table float with the powers of Brian's mind; for Shiloh, several students will help a balloon dog learn some new tricks. Brian customizes what books are shared based on what grades are attending this assembly. After the curtains close, you'll see the books Brian featured vanishing from your library shelves and hear your students buzzing about the fun they have had.

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What People Are Saying

"The kids and staff are still talking about your show! It was amazing."

Coconut Creek Elementary (Florida)

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"What a fabulous assembly! Book Club the Magic Assembly was fun, inspirational and magical. The teachers and the students were enthralled. The kids clamored for the highlighted books in the media center just moments after the show -- in fact many classes wanted to hit the library and it wasn't their day to go!"

Ilchester Elementary (Maryland)